CSSR / SCÉR Canadian Society for the Study of Rhetoric / Société Canadienne pour l’Étude de la Rhétorique

Updated CSSR-SCER Website

The CSSR website has now been upgraded.

1) I’ve added security upgrades to ensure that our site content is not compromised or temporarily offline due to attacks. Since 2012, when the site was first moved into WordPress technology, an increasing number of security attacks have faced small WordPress website owners like CSSR/SCER. WordPress still remains a good choice for free and collaborative website editing, as long as we have good security plugins and keep our website technology up to date.

2) I have updated our website’s overall theme (layout). The new “Twenty Fifteen” theme (made in 2015 by WordPress.org) is better optimized for viewing on mobile devices.  These and other features are now important for indexing our site on Google search results.

However, there are a few awkward aspects of the new theme:

  • Our 2-column bilingual posts and pages now must fit into a narrower width on a browser page.
  • The main navigation menu can no longer be horizontal, but now appears in the sidebar.
  • A new header image had to be created to fit the theme since it makes the same file serve as a background image behind the menu on wide-screen desktop browsers. Smaller versions of our older header appear elsewhere.

3) It will take some time to re-embed website images and file attachments and make sure there are no broken links.

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