Rhetor Volume 5 Now Available

Volume 5 of the Journal Rhetor (2013) has now been published by the Canadian Society for the Study of Rhetoric.  Issues are openly accessible on our website and will soon be indexed by EBSCO.


1. Persuasive Basanos: Torture in Aristotle and the Attic Orators, Christine Horton, pp. 1-9
2. The Prostitution of Praise, Alice den Otter, pp. 10-23
3. Lever les incertitudes du texte poétique: l’argumentation des scholiastes anciens d’Hésiode, Guillaume Tedeschi, pp. 24-34
4. What is Rhetorical Certainty?, Victor Ferry, pp. 35-43
5. Reservoirs of Ethos: Symbolic Authorship and the New Media Adaptation, Mark Rowell Wallin, pp. 44-57
Peruse them on our page for Rhetor Vol. 5

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