Rhetoric Societies

  • CFHSS – The Canadian Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences
  • ISHR – The International Society for the History of Rhetoric
  • CASDW – Canadian Association for the Study of Discourse and Writing (formerlly CATTW – The Canadian Association of Teachers of Technical Writing)
  • CASLL – The Canadian Association for the Study of Language and Learning (also known as “Inkshed”)
  • GRAL – Groupe de recherche en Rhétorique et en Argumentation Linguistique (Belgique)
  • LCMND – The Linguistic Circle of Manitoba and North Dakota
  • RSA – Rhetoric Society of America (USA)
  • NCA – National Communication Association (USA)

Rhetoric Journals

  • AAD – Argumentation & Analyse du Discours – [Il s’agit d’une publication en langue française]. L’ambition de cette revue électronique est d’offrir un lieu d’échange aux chercheurs qui s’efforcent, aujourd’hui, de réfléchir aux rapports entre analyse du discours, argumentation et rhétorique, et ceci dans l’espace global des sciences du langage.
  • Kairos – A refereed online journal exploring the intersections of rhetoric, technology, and pedagogy.
  • Philosophy of Rhetoric – An international and interdisciplinary journal that publishes articles on the relationship between rhetoric and philosophy.
  • Rhetoric Review – A refereed journal focusing on rhetoric and composition.
  • Rhetorical Review – The Electronic Review of Books on the History of Rhetoric.
  • Rhetoric Society Quarterly – The refereed journal of the Rhetoric Society of America, focusing on all areas of rhetorical studies, including theory, history, criticism, and pedagogy.

Rhetoric Archives

  • EServer’s Bibliographies about various subspecialties within rhetoric and composition.
  • CompPile (1939-current) – An inventory of publications in post-secondary composition, rhetoric, technical writing, ESL, and discourse studies.
  • La Clé des procédés – An interactive dictionary devoted to the literary kinds and the stylistic devices. [Il s’agit d’un dictionnaire des procédés littéraires qui sont classées, comparés et dotés d’exemples].
  • Diotima – Materials for the study of women and gender in the ancient world.
  • Rhetoric and Composition – A list of a variety of resources useful to rhetoricians.
  • Classics Archive – An online archive of mainly Greco-Roman works (some Chinese and Persian), all in English translation.
  • Silva Rhetoricae – A guide to the terms of classical and renaissance rhetoric.


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