The “CSSR SCER – Rhetoric” library of bibliographies can be browsed by the public at this address:

Our group’s bibliography houses

  1. a folder for all articles in our Rhetor journal,
  2. a folder for publications authored by CSSR members on the topic of rhetoric (even book reviews and conference papers are eligible, and you can also add an item with your CV and/or link to your profile)
  3. a folder containing an unlimited number of sub-folders for sub-topics within rhetorical studies.

If you want to add entries and/or folders to our bibliography, you need to become a member of the invitation-only Zotero group, since we do not have the human resources to do data entry for you.

  • Paid CSSR members are welcome to join the Zotero group and may remain members of the Zotero group indefinitely, even if your membership lapses.
  • To become a group member, you’ll need to sign up for a free Zotero account, even if you don’t want to download their free bibliographic software.
  • Ask the CSSR webmaster for an invitation to the group.

Zotero is free open-source cloud-storage bibliographic software created by the Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media in the USA.  It collects source citations from library databases, Google books, Amazon, and various web sites, by working within your web browser.

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