Report: 2012-13 Composition and Rhetoric jobs in MLA-JIL

The website has recently posted A Report on the 2012–13 Composition and Rhetoric Category of the MLA Job Information List. It may be of interest to CSSR members and website viewers.

Of the 282 job postings posted to the Modern Languages Association’s Job Information List between September 2012 and July 2013, 52 positions had “Rhetoric and Composition” in the job title, and 10 positions had “Rhetoric” in their job title. Interestingly, 11 postings were from locations outside of the US, 6 of them being from “Asia.”

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2 thoughts on “Report: 2012-13 Composition and Rhetoric jobs in MLA-JIL”

  1. I believe the above summary is a misreading of the data. As I read the report, there were 282 jobs posted in composition and rhetoric broadly. Of those, 52 were labelled as “Rhetoric and Composition” in the job title, 10 as “Rhetoric,” 90 as “English,” etc. It is not the case, if I’m reading correctly, that there were 282 jobs posted on the JIL and 52 were in rhetoric/composition.

  2. Dear Sean, thanks for your comment! Sorry for any misunderstanding of our summary of the report.

    I’ve gone to their report PDF, and as stated on p. 1, the 282 job listings to the MLA-JIL were in all categories, not just rhetoric and composition.

    Our post’s summary and your comment are both in accord with page 7-8 of their report, which stated that 52 of these 282 listings had “Rhetoric and Composition” (or “Composition and Rhetoric”) in their job title. An additional 10 had only “Rhetoric” in the job title.

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