Proposed CSSR Constitution Amendments

[originally posted to the CSSR listserv by Shannon Purves-Smith on 03-Apr-2012 2:10 PM]

Dear CSSR members,

Our society constitution was revised some time ago – four years ago, I think –  and there have been some changes to our operations since then. I am sending you the draft of some amendments that we will accept or modify at our Annual General Meeting during the Fedcan Congress in Waterloo in June. Our executive committee has discussed these changes. If you will not be attending that conference, please feel free to email me any suggestions you have concerning these changes, and I will bring them up at the meeting.

I found two items that needed attention: a deletion, and an addition.

In section 6 (Annual General Meeting), there are three final entries:

  • 6.4. The agenda for meetings of members shall be distributed to the membership either separately or as part of the newsletter at least l4 days prior to the meeting.
  • 6.5. A quorum for meetings of members shall be 25% of the members attending the annual conference.
  • 6.6. The agenda for meetings of members shall be distributed to the membership by electronic mail at least l4 days prior to the meeting.

Clearly 6.4 is redundant because we haven’t published a newsletter for a long time. I propose that we delete 6.4 and change the numbering for the other two items accordingly.

This is the suggestion for a new entry. I have slated it for the same section, but perhaps it should be under a new number (8):

NEW: Article 6.8 Online voting


For matters arising during the period between two Annual General Meetings and requiring that a decision be made before the AGM can be held, a vote shall be conducted by email by the President. An email vote or ballot can also be conducted for matters raised at the AGM and needing further discussion, in which case the AGM will direct the President to conduct such a vote. The question shall be put to the membership at least one week before the vote, and a reminder shall be sent two days before the vote. The President shall be responsible for counting the votes.

The timings may be inappropriate. If you have further information to attach to this article, please let us know.

Thank you for any input you might have concerning the revision of the constitution.

Shannon Purves-Smith

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