CSSR Social Media update, May 2015

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Image by Brett Jordan, used for our Google+ community on Rhetorical Criticism, History, Theory. Click to view source.

As part of refreshing our CSSR-SCER website this month, I enriched our society’s Social Media presence by adding links to our existing Facebook and Google+ pages on our website sidebar.

In order to generate more discussion, I’ve also created 2 new Google+ communities:

1) Rhetoric in Canada

2) Rhetorical Criticism, History Theory

Posts to these communities (and the 2 additional pre-existing rhetoric communities we joined) will appear on our public Google+ page at https://plus.google.com/+CssrscerCanada/ and add to the activity there.

If you are a Facebook or Google user, consider following our social media pages and sharing your thoughts, images, or links. It’s a way of linking your own profile to rhetorical studies as well. Our Facebook and Google+ pages have seen little to no activity for years, but I hope they’ll see more activity in future as part of their increased presence on our website and on Google.

New CSSR / SCER Zotero Bibliography

CSSR / SCÉR hosts a bibliography group on Zotero.org.

Zotero is free open-source cloud-storage bibliographic software created by the Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media in the USA.  It collects source citations from library databases, Google books, Amazon, and various web sites, by working within your web browser.

The “CSSR SCER – Rhetoric” library of bibliographies can be browsed by the public at this address:


Our group’s bibliography houses

  1. a folder for all articles in our Rhetor journal,
  2. a folder for publications authored by CSSR members on the topic of rhetoric (even book reviews and conference papers are eligible, and you can also add an item with your CV and/or link to your profile)
  3. a folder containing an unlimited number of sub-folders for sub-topics within rhetorical studies.

See more info on our new Bibliographies page.

Opening Address, 1981

CSSR Opening Address (1981)

Opening address of Judith Rice Henderson for our second session at the learned societies conference, Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia, 23 May, 1981. (Excerpts from Canadian Rhetoric Newsletter, vol. 1, no. 1, 1981, edited by Josef Schmidt.)

Discours d’Ouverture (1981)

Discours d’ouverture de Judith Rice Henderson pour notre deuxième session au congrès CanFed, à l’Université de Dalhousie, Halifax, 23 mai 1981. (Excerps de Bulletin Canadien de Rhétorique, vol. 1, numéro 1, 1981, édité par Josef Schmidt.)

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