How to post announcements

If you have any Calls for Papers or other announcements of relevance to our Society, website visitors, and subscribers of our free mailing list, please forward them to the CSSR-SCER Webmaster at

Please ensure that any deadlines contained in the message have not already passed, and that the content is intended to be distributed widely and is not private, copyrighted or otherwise inappropriate (see our Terms of Use page).

The webmaster will remove any email headers and footers that do not belong with the public content of the post, and may lightly edit the formatting and embed hyperlinks under text. The information will appear on our home page blog (under the Featured post) as soon as the Webmaster has time. When it is posted, it will be automatically posted to our Facebook Page and mailed out in our daily email digest to subscribers.

Our former CSSR email listserv may still appear to function, but the subscriber list is already out of date and will not be maintained. If you would like to subscribe to our current blog and mailing list, go to our Join Us page.

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