Computational Rhetoric Workshop at U of Waterloo August 2016

Computing Figures/Figuring Computers II: A Workshop on Computational Rhetoric


Sophisticated, complex, and numerous, rhetorical figures from antimetabole to zeugma have been rich resources for communication, literature and argumentation for over two millennia.

The Department of English Language and Literature and the David Cheriton School of Computer Science present a workshop on the intersection of computers and rhetorical figures. Digital technologies can both chart the subtleties of rhetorical figures and, in turn, deploy them to chart out  the textual universe. Genre detection, sentiment detection, authorship attribution, argument analysis—wherever there are words, there are figures. Wherever there are figures, there are patterns. Wherever there are patterns, there are purposes to detect, diagnose, and critique.

You can also catch the event via webcast.

Details and registration:
$80, Regular Faculty and Salaried Employees
$50, Students, Contract Faculty, and Contract Employees

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