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Res Rhetorica is a peer-reviewed open access quarterly academic journal (ISSN 2392-3113). Its scope includes both theories of rhetoric and practices of persuasive communication. It is issuing the following CFP:

Rhetoric of Social Movements

The rhetoric of social movements is the theme for a special issue of Res Rhetorica planned for 2018.

A democratic public sphere is an arena where various social movements voice their claims; these include prominent environmentalist, feminist, LGBT, anti/alter-globalist, or nationalist movements, or local, identity-related, ethnic and political movements.

Social activism includes organizing protests, demonstrations, performances of civil disobedience or debates – all of which can be analyzed from a rhetorical perspective. Each social movement makes claims, presents them to the auditorium, argues for them, defends them against criticism. It actively campaigns to achieve in-group solidarity, to promote its ideas, and to convince the public to support its claims. It also strives to be identified and recognized in the public spheres and to position itself against antagonists.

Is the rhetoric of social movements related to their aims? Is it determined by the social context? How have digital media influenced the rhetoric of the social movements? Are there any global, universal patterns of social engagement and protest? How are appeals to emotions or authority used in social campaigning?

We invite submissions discussing, among other aspects:

  • The features of rhetorics of protesting
  • The new media and the new rhetoric of social campaigning
  • Using public space as rhetorical action
  • Varieties of persuasive repertoires
  • Media reactions to social activism
  • Contention and claim-making in public debates
  • Types of arguments in social activism
  • The role of visual rhetoric in social movements
  • The history of protest rhetoric and civil movements
  • The correlation between social causes and persuasive means
  • Cross-cultural comparisons of protest rhetorics

Issue Editor

Agnieszka Kampka (


Submission deadline: 31 January 2018

How to submit

To see the author guidelines and submit the paper, prospective authors should register on
The Issue Editors welcome proposals (250 words) for the articles related to the theme of the issue to be sent to the Editors’ emails by the date specified in the Call for Papers.
We also invite year-round submissions unrelated to the themes of the consecutive issues to be published in the “Varia” section.
The papers are reviewed and have its own DOI.

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Res Rhetorica is affiliated with the Polish Rhetoric Society. The Society, established in the year 2000, aims at promoting the awareness of rhetoric and perfecting the art of effective communication in practice by identifying links between rhetoric and other disciplines, disseminating research in the field of rhetoric, exchanging experience with researchers from other countries, and popularizing rhetorical skills. Feel welcome to join us and become a member of the Polish Rhetoric Society. For more information go to:

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