CFP: Relevant Rhetoric journal, Deadline Oct 2016

RelevantRhetoric-journal[From their website] Relevant Rhetoric: A new Journal of Rhetorical Studies is a refereed online journal created to publish pieces of academic rhetorical criticism that are of value not only to academic scholars and historians interested in persuasion, but also to the educated lay-public. The journal seeks to further our understanding of and conversation about modern persuasive practices with the largest possible audience.

Please see a call for Volume 8 submissions, related to persuasive attack, at

Deadline for submissions related to persuasive attack is October 30, 2016.

Essays that are submitted and do not relate to the call will be considered for a second issue in Volume 8 or will be considered for Volume 9 (2018), depending on the number of submitted/accepted essays. Deadline for submissions not related to the call on persuasive attack is October 1, 2016.



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