Name change

CSSR Name Change (1991)

(Excerps from Newsletter, vol. 10, no. 1, October 1990, edited by A. W. Halsall.)

Changement de Nom (1991)

(Excerps de bulletin, vol. 10, no. 1, octobre 1990, édité par A. W. Halsall.)

Notice of Motion

This is a formal notice of motion to be voted upon by the membership at the next Annual Meeting (Sunday, May 27, 1990) in Victoria, B.C.

It is proposed: that the name of the “Canadian Society for the History of Rhetoric” be changed to the “Canadian Society for the Study of Rhetoric.”

The rationale is that while most present members understand that we study the history of rhetoric along with other aspects of rhetoric (see Constitution), it may prove misleading to prospective members to suggest that we are confined to “historical” research. At present two sessions of the annual conference deal with “historical studies,” but two sessions investigate rhetorical theory and the relationship of rhetoric to other disciplines. The reality of this pluralist range of interests will be better suggested by the title of a society engaged in “the study of rhetoric.” No change of radical substance is contemplated.

Movers: Bert Halsall, John Stephen Martin.

in favour _____ opposed _____

The results of the ballot were as follows:

  • In favour of the name change: 19 (82.6%)
  • Against the name change: 4 (17.4%)

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