President’s Message, 2013-15

CSSR President’s message

Welcome to the Canadian Society for the Study of Rhetoric (CSSR), a scholarly society dedicated to the study of rhetoric in the broadest possible terms. We welcome scholars from a wide range of disciplines: music, communications, literature, history, medieval and renaissance studies, political science, philosophy, etc…  The society provides a forum of exchange for everything rhetorical, and we publish an on-line biennial journal (Rhetor) of peer-reviewed rhetoric scholarship.

Message du Président SCÉR

Bienvenue à la Société canadienne pour l’étude de la rhétorique (SCÉR), une société savante consacrée à l’étude de la rhétorique au sens le plus large. Nous accueillons les chercheurs de diverses disciplines: musique, communication, la littérature, l’histoire, études médiévales et de la Renaissance, sciences politiques et philosophie, etc.). La société constitue  un forum d’échange pour tout ce qui concerne la rhétorique et nous éditons une revue bisannuelle en ligne (Rhetor) avec évaluation des articles par des spécialistes.

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New CSSR Posters for 2015

A new 8×10 CSSR/SCÉR poster and 2×6 bookmark are now available.

See them on the Posters page of our website.

I have also created a “campaign” series of four 4×6 postcards with messages and quotations about rhetoric, eloquence or oratory.  Each card comes in a French version & an English version. They are great for sharing on social media.

I will bring some postcards, bookmarks, and “Rhetoric is majestic” and “Rhetoric is useful & good” cards for distribution at our conference next week.

Submit a postcard idea

I also welcome submissions of content for additional postcards with a similar design. Not every postcard can be printed due to cost, but they would be shared on our website and social media.

I’d need a complete postcard concept, which includes the following:

1) a brief 2-3 word persuasive or informative message about what rhetoric is, or does, or can do, ideally using the word “rhetoric” or “eloquence” or similar terms that identify rhetoric.

2) a very short, pithy quotation with a citation that develops the idea of the poster’s message. This has to be very short to prevent it from being too small print.

3) AND, for PR materials for our bilingual society, we need the content of the message and quotation in eloquent French and English. Please do not send content in only one language because it can take a lot of time to find or make a good translation.

Send your complete, bilingual content ideas to  I will select and edit the content as necessary for postcard design, and all PR materials will be reviewed by the Executive committee.

CSSR 2015 Nomination Reminder

At the CSSR 2015 AGM, we will be accepting nominations for the following open positions:

  • Secretary – Treasurer (2015 – 2017 and subsequently, 2 years as VP, 2 years as Pres, 2 years as Past-Pres and journal editor) * See NOTE in earlier nomination post
  • Executive Committee: member-at-large (2015-2016)
  • Advisory Committee: new member 1 (2015-2017)
  • Advisory Committee: new member 2 (2015-2017)
  • Advisory Committee: new student member (2015-2016)
  • We may also be looking for members of the Graduate Student Award Committee.

For more information, see our earlier nominations call and the 2015 Conference page. Contact Pierre Zoberman at to let us know of your interest.

Invitation to CASDW dinner in Ottawa May 31

The CASDW has invited CSSR members attending the Congress 2015 in Ottawa to their CASDW conference dinner on May 31, at le Cafe in the National Arts Centre at 7:30 pm for drinks on the patio and 8:00 pm for dinner. The cost is $50,  not including alcohol. If you are interested, contact Boba Samuels at bobasamuels (at) gmail (.) com to RSVP.

Academic conference tips from UAffairs

It’s conference season for many of us, and good presentations are a rhetorical art.

I would like to recommend this short article re-distributed by email today by the University Affairs magazine:

Also of interest from University Affairs:

CSSR Social Media update, May 2015

ethos, logos, pathos
Image by Brett Jordan, used for our Google+ community on Rhetorical Criticism, History, Theory. Click to view source.

As part of refreshing our CSSR-SCER website this month, I enriched our society’s Social Media presence by adding links to our existing Facebook and Google+ pages on our website sidebar.

In order to generate more discussion, I’ve also created 2 new Google+ communities:

1) Rhetoric in Canada

2) Rhetorical Criticism, History Theory

Posts to these communities (and the 2 additional pre-existing rhetoric communities we joined) will appear on our public Google+ page at and add to the activity there.

If you are a Facebook or Google user, consider following our social media pages and sharing your thoughts, images, or links. It’s a way of linking your own profile to rhetorical studies as well. Our Facebook and Google+ pages have seen little to no activity for years, but I hope they’ll see more activity in future as part of their increased presence on our website and on Google.